Top 3 Essential Spanish Recipes to Make at Home

Have you visited a restaurant away from your country to find a few genuine Spanish dishes? Even if I am not Spanish, I am a big fan of adaptation and fusion. However, there are times that I doubt if the chef is aware of how the original version needs to taste. The beauty of conventional Spanish recipes is their purity. The top and quality of local ingredients meet their ideal cooking method with slight interference. 

Do you know the secret of having food in Spain? It is possibly eating very late. This helps them to have a nice, extensive nap at midday. Therefore, it should not surprise you that their food is amazing. Apart from that, their food is quick and easy to prepare. If you are looking for food for your Friday night event, Spanish is your number one option. 


This one is crunchy on its outside and creamy inside. Well, this is the symbol of an ideal Spanish croquette. If you are new to this, there are several croquetas varies in Spain. However, the most conventional type are Iberian ham croquettes. They have a rich flavor that blends well with the smooth bechamel sauce. Wondering what is the right technique for this? Well, the technique is the same for all croquettes. It begins with a smooth, gradually-made bechamel sauce. 

After that, you add the support elements. It could be veggies, cod, or ham. Whatever pleases you. I have the secret I have been using the make croquettes and I want to share with you. Ensure that you take your time and stir constantly. 

Pan con Tomate

If you are new to Barcelona, don’t be surprised when someone asks you if you would like to have pan con tomate with your meal. To help you understand, it is raw bread that is rubbed with ½ of tomato. While you can make this at home, this one is a bit tricky. If you wish, you can have it with the toasted bread and rub it using some raw garlic. You can opt-out of this step if you have other plans. After this, you will have to find special rubbing tomatoes. 

Salmorejo or Gazpacho

This zesty, cooled tomato broth has acquired its place in supermarkets as well as on menus across the globe. However, few meals can be compared with gazpacho that is made of completely flavored Spanish tomatoes. Most people eat it as a delicacy. There are times when you can drink it directly from a glass or bowl. 

The thick soup is prepared from mixing a full whole load of green peppers, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, herbs, and garlic. It is the ideal food for your summertime. It is a healthy and low-calorie dish. When it comes to the Salmerejo, it is blended with vinegar. Garlic pureed bread, tomatoes, and it is served when cold – click this article about cheap spanish food recipes


Even if you are away from Spain or just love Spanish food, you can easily make your food. Use easy recipes that we have shared with you

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